Sussex Charcoal is part of the long established and nationally recognized Four Seasons Fuels Company, based in Billingshurst, West Sussex.

A family business which started in the 1980s, we have built our name in the supply and production of firewood (kiln dried and seasoned), heatlogs, coal, log splitters, wood processing equipment, bottled LPG Gas and BioChar.

We have always been passionate about harnessing the qualities of locally grown wood – the best of British – and it proved a natural step to develop a specialist charcoal production service from the plentiful and sustainable resources which are pretty much on our doorstep.

Today, Sussex Charcoal makes high quality, competitively priced BBQ Charcoal sourced from nearby woodlands which are managed by some of the finest and most dedicated coppice workers you will find anywhere.

From these wonderfully nurtured British trees – typically chestnut, birch and oak – we create the best quality charcoal money can buy. Far superior to the charcoal emanating from imported wood.


Charcoal produced in our own Retorts

Our premises house specially designed charcoal retorts that convert the wood into top grade charcoal which is then packed on site, from where it is sold direct, or distributed to, our expanding and diverse customer base. We sell nationwide.

The chunkiest pieces of charcoal make perfect BBQ fuel. But nothing goes to waste. Everything is graded and smaller sized chunks and dust are converted to BioChar and used by gardeners. It’s a win-win situation.

If you have yet to sample the delights of Sussex Charcoal, or would like to learn more about Four Season Fuels and the production processes we use, then we would be delighted to hear from you.