When the weather’s good, few things surpass getting outside and lighting up the BBQ!

There’s no better way to socialise with friends and family. In fact, just thinking about the aroma emanating from delicious, succulent barbecue cooking is enough to make your mouth water.

At Sussex Charcoal, we want to ensure you can savour the flavours of great BBQ food whatever the occasion. Sausages, burgers, chicken legs, kebabs, vegetables, you choose – grilled with confidence, creating a feast on the plate!

Available in 3kg or 6kg bags, Sussex Charcoal is so responsive that there’s no need to use lighter fuel or firelighters which have an odour all of their own and can taint the food. Instead, just twist the paper and light. Within 15 minutes, our high grade charcoal will reach optimum cooking temperature.

Then it’s over to you and your culinary skills…